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Murphy's lighthouses are sculpted to scale and painted inCpLookout.jpg (9892 bytes) the distinct design of each actual structure.Abaco.jpg (13314 bytes) Although generic designs exist, no two lighthouses in the world are alike.  Each lighthouse has its own light signature and day markings so paint-Angie.jpg (60362 bytes) sailors can tell where they are by identifying the lighthouse or its light. 

To date Murphy has duplicated over 460 differentmurph-turnwood.jpg (60505 bytes) lighthouses from around the world.  Extra detailing can include the lighthouse keepers dwelling, oil houses, bridges, and so forth.

Carve-Rebekah.jpg (54377 bytes)Lighthouses are sculpted from North American hardwoods, stone or metal.  Surfaces are textured to resemble blocks, brick, concrete,Carve-David.jpg (45710 bytes)stucco or whatever the surface of  the real lighthouse.  

Solder-Steve.jpg (69413 bytes)

Working lights are a part of each structure, while foghorns, fog bells or fog cannon sounds are optional.  The unique timing of the lights and sounds of the fog devices can be controlled by a tiny microprocessor to duplicate that of the original lighthouse. 

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