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More than 360 different lighthouses models from around the world have been replicated by 'Murphy' to date. 

Please note the exact detail of the following samples. 

HATTERAS.jpg (7642 bytes)Cape Hatteras, North Carolina - 1803 

Tallest and most stateliest of Murphy’s lighthouse models which stands about 24" in height and rests on a 6" chamfered and stepped octagon ebony base.  RETAIL COST: $600.00

Hollnd.jpg (15706 bytes)Holland Lighthouse, Michigan - 1907

Gorgeous red rectangular model about 13" high on a black 7" x 12" ebony base with fixed red light.  Foghorn available.  Also includes lighted doors and stairways.  RETAIL COST: $900.00

ThosPt.jpg (17913 bytes)Thomas Point, Maryland - 1825

This is a beautiful replicated model of the Thomas Point Lighthouse of screwpile design. It has over 45 feet of solid brass wire as it is hand-soldered completely. It stands about 12" high and rests on a hexagonal stepped black ebony base.  RETAIL COST: $1,200.00

Marblehead.jpg (14972 bytes)Marblehead Lighthouse, Ohio - 1822

16" tall beautiful white stone tower on a 5" chamfered and stepped black ebony base.  RETAIL COST: $350.00

GrHaven.jpg (21231 bytes)Grand Haven, Michigan - 1839

Gorgeous, beautiful museum piece!  About 12" high with outer gabled fog signal building and fixed red light.  Model rests on a black ebony base 32" long with inner tower about 13" tall.  A red light flashes every 30 seconds.  Catwalk connects inner and outer tower with 18 overhead working lights.  Not quite enough light to read, but it will illuminate a medium sized room.  RETAIL COST: $2750.00

SandKey.jpg (16980 bytes)West Sand Key Lighthouse, Florida  - 1827

Over 130 feet of solid brass wire is used to create this elegant brass tower.  It is soldered together with painstaking detail and painted a ruddy red to emulate that of the original lighthouse.  It is 14" in height and rests on an 8" chamfered and stepped square ebony base.  Working foghorn available.  RETAIL COST: $1,000.00

  Yard lights with rotating beacons            

    Beautifully replicated, exact scale lighthouses for your yard or waterfront are available.  Any size, any model (wood, granite or metal).  Call for quotes.  A picture speaks a thousand words! Click here to see some recently built outdoor lights.

    Lighthouses available in all sizes

Interior lighting in windows and doors can be added!

Commissions are always welcome for new lighthouses. 

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