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04-08-HatterasProzak5.jpg (64084 bytes)Outdoor Lighthouses - Custom-made

Any model - Any size

Lighthouse models can be scaled to any size that fits your decor.  A wide variety of outdoor lights have been made to date.  Just like our smaller models, these outdoor ornamental lighthouses are meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials and are custom made to match the original light or to match your personal choice or decor.  All lighthouses are treated with resin, inside and out, that makes them impervious to insects, rot or weather.  The following options are available at prices that won't scuttle the ship:


Window lighting


Remote (key fob) activated foghorn


Motion sensor activated fog horn


Rotating beacon with fibre optic ground lenses, visible for over nine miles
(standard on most models)


Remote on/off switch


Outdoor electric timer on/off


Dusk to dawn lighting


Solar powered beacon

Make a statement in your neighborhood and be the first to have an authentic replica of your favorite lighthouse.  

Hillsboro-B&W.jpg (157403 bytes) Hillsboro-grn.jpg (34216 bytes)A 10 foot replica of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse was located in the front yard of our building for many years.  A sister to this lighthouse, with custom daymarkings, sits on the roof of a three story Pompano Beach, Florida home overlooking the beautiful intercoastal waterway.  We can be creative with colors to enhance to decor of your home.

 CapeHatt10ft.jpg (61526 bytes)                        CapeHatt10ft-MJ&B.jpg (44291 bytes)

This 10 foot model of the tall and stately Cape Hatteras Lighthouse looks even more realistic when installed near a shoreline.   Inside the studio you can see  the size in comparison to some special shoppers.

100_0546.jpg (557606 bytes)

This 21 foot model of the Brant Point Lighthouse (Nantucket, Massachusetts) can be seen on Bayshore Road in Oregon, Ohio.  It was erected in April, 2005 as part of a television series to be aired this fall on the history channel.


PtPlace6'.jpg (33460 bytes)Toledo's newest lighthouse overlooks Maumee Bay and was dedicated in September, 2003.  It is a beautiful buff-colored brick with a nicely decorated gallery railing incorporating catails, leaves and stems.  A true work of art!  Pictured is a 6 foot replica of Murphy's with the same decor using hammered copper for the railing catail detail.

  CapeHenry-Murphy.jpg (37729 bytes)    CapeHenry-Quilter.jpg (184808 bytes)          The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse sits in Fort Story, Virginia.  This 10 foot model was constructed with a hammered coppered parapet just like the original.  It is finished with actual brick made right here in Murphy's studio with color impregnated portland cement to insure many years of maintenance free enjoyment.  What a lovely compliment to this brick home!

Faux-6'.jpg (44081 bytes)

This 6 foot replicated Point Place Lighthouse was custom designed with a faux finish specified by one of Murphy's collectors and was built to be the focal point inside the Great Room of their new home.

OldSaybrook-10'.jpg (63210 bytes)This 10 foot replicated Old Saybrook, Connecticut LiOldSaybrook-10'-lathe.jpg (39449 bytes)ghthouse adds to the beauty of this New England cottage which overlooks the Long Island Sound at Fenwick, Connecticut.  It is just a stone's throw away from the late Katharine Houghten Hepburn's Connecticut summer home.   These large models are hand-turned on a 16 foot lathe, circa 1800's, built by Murphy.           

HiltonHead-Lg-Christening.jpg (83751 bytes)

This 6-foot model of the Hilton Head Lighthouse is being christened outside of its new home.

TolHarbor11.jpg (34190 bytes)A 9 foot model of the Toledo Harbor Light was commissioned by Maumee Bay State Park and is now located in their gift shop.  The Toledo Harbor Light is only able to be visited by boat.  Visitors to the park and lodge can now see its beauty no matter how foggy the day is!

HacetaHead.jpg (37879 bytes)

This model of the Haceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon was built to include the attached keeper's quarters.  It decorates the yard of a retired U S Navy Admiral which overlooks the Oregon coastline.


Marblehead-Outside.jpg (26947 bytes)The beautiful Marblehead Lighthouse (Marblehead, Ohio) has been custom-made in all sizes and colors and adds a nautical finish to any environment.


Cockspur.jpg (51420 bytes)This Cockspur Island, Georgia lighthouse was custom built for one of Murphy's collectors and sits in their front yard on Tybee Island, Georgia.  With its beautiful winding staircase it is said to be a traffic stopper causing frequent traffic jams in front of their home.


TexasLights.jpg (35422 bytes)The beautiful assortment of Texas lighthouses shown here were just completed and ready to be packaged and shipped to their new homes in the state of Texas.

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