Spring Showcase

The Lighthouse Factory, Inc.
Featuring: Lighthouses By Murphy
10552 Evans Drive - Luna Pier, Michigan 48157
(734) 848-2222  or  (800) 288-0563
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$650.00 regular price        

Includes gold-leafed mug for each lighthouse.   All are signed limited editions and includes detailed lighthouse history.

To order, call 1-800-288-0563

   Jupitersm.jpg (266307 bytes)jupiterMUG.jpg (552433 bytes)    Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Mug

Kilaueasm.jpg (114024 bytes)KilaueaPointMUG.jpg (541599 bytes)    Kilauea Lighthouse & Mug

little sablesm.jpg (82651 bytes)LittleSableMUG.jpg (445941 bytes)    Little Sable Lighthouse & Mug

Marbleheadsm.jpg (103143 bytes)MarbleheadMUG.jpg (412908 bytes)        Marblehead Lighthouse & Mug

minots Ledgesm.jpg (102089 bytes)MinotsLedgeMUG.jpg (470501 bytes)    Minot's Ledge Lighthouse & Mug

Montauksm.jpg (131019 bytes)montaukPointMUG.jpg (446141 bytes)    Mauntauk Point Lighthouse & Mug

old point Lomasm.jpg (230400 bytes)OldpointLomaMUG.jpg (538829 bytes)    Old Point Loma Lighthouse & Mug


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