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Lighthouse models with special "I LOVE YOU" lighting make excellent gifts to remind others of your

The Minot's Ledge Lighthouse in Cohasset, Massachusetts, has a very interesting history.  The construction of the first tower (1847-1850) is one of determination, toil and failure.  The tower had to be built on a rocky outcropping no wider than 20 feet.  MinotsLedge.jpg (9974 bytes)The top of the rock was but 3-5 feet above the water at low tide, which allowed only 3 hours to work on the rock during each low tide.  Soon after it was completed, storms took their toll.  On April 15, 1851 a hurricane-strength storm hit the area.  Although two assistant keepers were able to keep the bell ringing and the lamps burning, the gale in all of its furry tore the tower apart piece by piece.  On the morning of April 17th, the tower had disappeared.  Both assistant keepers perished trying to reach the mainland. 

While reconstruction was underway, the lightship, Minot's Ledge, temporarily covered for the darkened tower.  The 97 feet tall lighthouse we see today was officially re-established on November 15, 1860.  In May, 1894, a new optic was installed to pay tribute to the two assistant keepers who gave their life.  The "I love you light", with a group flashing 1-4-3 characteristic, has made the Minot's Ledge Lighthouse become known as the "I Love You Lighthouse".

Murphy has patented this "I love you" beacon specifically for the Minot's Ledge Lighthouse.  Many requests, however, have been made over the years to use this same lighting in other lighthouses models.  What better way to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day or any special occasion than with a special lighthouse with the 'I Love You' message that keeps blinking for years to come!  This same light has also been used as parting gifts from loved ones who knew they were dying or in funeral services. 

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